Augmenting the fleet of ambulances

With flagging off as many as 68 critical care ambulances by the Lieutenant Governor to be integrated with the existing fleet, it is hoped that the deserving would now face virtually no difficulty in requisitioning the services of ambulances especially during odd hours to ferry the patients to the hospitals. We have, however, all the praises for the COVID warriors who did exemplarily well in discharging their duties during the most trying and challenging days of both the waves of COVID virus pandemic . Doctors, nursing staff, technical and lab personnel, crew of ambulances etc served humanity and the suffering during the pandemic throughout Jammu and Kashmir setting an example ,of course, with rare exceptions. Needless to add, despite some inadequacies in the infrastructure, overall management was satisfactory which besides being acknowledged by the Lt. Governor is felt by the general public too with expectations for improvement wherever urgently required. Felicitating 50 COVID warriors by the Lt. Governor is a token of recognition of their ‘selfless’ services which would incentivize many others to aspire for such recognition hence going to further improve medical services in Jammu and Kashmir. However, there are various areas which need to get focussed attention which include adequate availability of oxygen and prompt ambulance services too and it is expected that there will be no casual approach to distress calls now that the fleet is reasonably augmented. Providing an App for live ambulance tracking tool providing guidance to first responders was going to make it somewhat smooth to get an ambulance service.