Attendants vandalise Shifa hospital after lady dies of ‘negligence’

Hospital vandalised by attendants in Srinagar. — Excelsior Photo
Hospital vandalised by attendants in Srinagar. — Excelsior Photo

Property worth Rs 1 cr damaged: Mgmt

Excelsior Correspondent

SRINAGAR, Oct 21: The property worth a crore of rupees of Shifa Hospital in Srinagar’s Magarmal Bagh area was today damaged by the furious attendants of a patient who died after undergoing surgery for gallstone days ago.
Doctors at the hospital told Excelsior that after undergoing surgery, the lady developed complications and did not recover even after she was treated in the ICU.
“We conducted Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) 5 days back with the help of the robust team of doctors that we have at the hospital, but the stone slipped from the gall bladder into her Common Bile Duct (CBD),” Dr Gulzar, Director of the hospital told Excelsior.
He said that is such scenario, 0.7 per cent of patients develop complications even in developed nations. The condition, the doctor said, is called haemorrhaged pancreatitis.
”We treated her immediately and shifted her to the ICU. There her condition did not improve as she weighed 120 kgs; what added to it was the low Blood Pressure,” he said.
He said despite all the efforts, the condition of the patient did not improve and she breathed her last during the intervening night of 20-21 October. “There is a mortality of 40 per cent in such cases even in the west,” he said.
However, the family of the patient alleged negligence on part of the doctors and in fury damaged the hospital property, as per the hospital management, worth Rs 1 crore.
”After her BP fell far below normal she was taken to ICU. They told us to give them free hands and they will be able to treat her, which we did. She was talking till then but after that, she did not recover,” the family said
The family accused Dr Bilal Khan—who has conducted the surgery—and the Director of the hospital Dr Gulzar of negligence and demanded strict action against them
”We want justice as Dr Bilal Khan and Dr Gulzar are responsible for this. The irony is that Dr Bilal did not visit the patient even once after the surgery. We demand that the hospital must be sealed immediately,” the family said.
Meanwhile, after taking the dead body the attendants  resorted to vandalism and damaged windowpanes, 2 ventilators and an ECG machine, 1 defibrillator including window panes and computers on the front desk worth almost rupees one crore.
Police also reached the spot and dispersed the family members of the deceased lady. An FIR has also been lodged into the matter.