Assembly elections in J&K soon, plans underway to restore Statehood: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a function at SKICC Srinagar on Thursday.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a function at SKICC Srinagar on Thursday.

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*New generation of JK will live in permanent peace
Fayaz Bukhari

SRINAGAR, June 20: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that Assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir would be held soon and plans are underway to restore its statehood.
Modi in his first visit to Kashmir after becoming Prime Minister for the third consecutive term, emphasised the importance of enabling the people of J&K to elect their representatives for the Assembly.

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The PM arrived here this evening and was welcomed with Kashmiri traditional wanwun (songs) and showering of flower petals at the Sher-e-Kashmir International Convention Centre (SKICC). He was given traditional Kashmiri Kani Shawl and a paper machie souvenir.
In his address at a gathering at SKICC ‘Empowering Youth, Transforming J&K’, Modi commended the people for their active participation in the Lok Sabha elections and expressed the need for them to choose their local leaders through upcoming Assembly elections.
“The people of Jammu and Kashmir participated in Lok Sabha elections in large numbers and broke the record of the past 35 years. You deserve to be felicitated for it… Now time has come that people of Jammu and Kashmir chose their own local representatives. For that, preparations are being made for holding Assembly elections,” he said.
The PM assured the people that the day was approaching when J&K would regain its statehood status. He lauded the role of the people of J&K in this strengthening of democracy. “I wanted to thank the people of Kashmir for reposing great faith in democracy,” he said.
“We are witnessing Atal’s vision of Insaniyat, Jamhooriyat aur Kashmiriyat, turning into a reality today”, he said.
Mentioning the record voter turnout in the recent elections, Modi praised the trust of the people in democracy. “I have come to express my thanks for your efforts for keeping the flag of democracy high”, he said.
Taking a jibe at the INDIA bloc including Congress, the PM said that it was unfortunate that the opposition didn’t even utter a word of praise for the people of J & K for their record participation in LS polls.
He said that since early morning, he was quite enthusiastic about visiting Kashmir even though he has an old connection with the Valley and its people. “Today, it was about J&K’s development initiatives and successful Lok Sabha polls that saw record participation of people after almost 35-40 years. I wish I could visit every place of Kashmir to thank people for their huge participation in LS Polls,” the PM said.
He said that he was in Italy recently and there is a great impression of the Government that has come to power for the third straight time in India. “People reposing great faith and trust in a Government for the third time creates a global impression and strengthens global relations,” he said.
“Today, the mood and the aspirations of Indian youth and people are all time high. When aspirations are high, people’s expectations from the Government also become high. There is an aspirational society whose single parameter is performance,” he added.
Modi said that the performance doesn’t come through social media of speeches. “Nation saw our performance and today, the same Government is at the Centre for the third time,” he said.
“People’s aspirations can be fulfilled by the NDA Government. People trust our policies and vision. Aspirational society wants results on a fast-track basis. Will see, will do, wait some time are old words now. People want the day’s results by evening.”
The PM said that after 60 years, people of India choose a Government for the third term to serve them. “This election has sent a message to the world about stability. There was a time when five elections were held in ten years,” he said.
Modi said that so far 40,000 people have been appointed in Government services and today, he distributed 2000 more job letters to the youth. “Today, I inaugurated developmental projects worth Rs 1500 Crore and further Rs 1800 cr worth Agriculture and allied sectors related projects,” he said.
The PM said that he spent time while interacting with the young start-ups at SKICC and he was excited to listen to the vision and mission of youngsters, who have quit studies mid-way to come up with great innovative ideas. “I interacted with start-ups who have a vast range of ideas and talent. They are moving ahead with the ideas of Ayurveda start-ups, skill development, home stays, food units etc,” he said.
Modi said that Kashmir is progressing at a great speed as there are Expressways, Highways and rail connectivity connecting Kashmir with the Kanyakumari soon. “We have the world’s largest rail bridge over river Chenab,” he said.
He said that J&K’s new generation is moving ahead with great ideas and initiatives. “In the trial for the country’s drone Didi’s, J&K women were there as well. In the Khelo India games festival held in Kashmir in February, there were 800 athletes from the rest of the country too. There are 70 start ups from the Agriculture sector alone who want to showcase Agricultural capacity at the global level,” he said.
The PM condemned those seeking to disrupt the peace and development in the region, affirming the Government’s commitment to thwart such attempts.
“The enemies of peace and humanity are not happy with the development in Jammu and Kashmir. There were some terror attacks recently. The Centre has taken the recent terror attacks very seriously. The Home Minister held a meeting and reviewed the entire mechanism. I want to assure that we will leave no stone unturned to punish the enemies of Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.
“The enemies of Jammu and Kashmir are making last ditch efforts to stop the development here and that peace is not established. But the new generation of Jammu and Kashmir will live in permanent peace. We will strengthen the path chosen by the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” he added.
Highlighting the Government’s efforts to promote peace and progress in J&K, Modi underscored the elimination of Article 370 and the implementation of the Constitution in the region.
He criticised previous administrations for failing to uphold constitutional principles and pledged to empower the youth and women of J&K.
The PM credited his Government’s initiatives of last 10 years for transforming the discourse around Kashmir and improving the lives of its people.
“I am devoted myself with full dedication and honesty to ensure that a way out of the past generation’s miseries may be found. We are making all possible effort to remove all distances whether of the heart or of Delhi (Dil ya Dilli)”, Modi stressed.
He pointed to achievements such as granting voting rights to West Pakistan refugees and Valmiki Samaj in local body elections, as well as boosting tourism and economic opportunities in the region.
Modi emphasised the importance of accountability in utilising funds allocated for J&K’s development, ensuring that every resource contributes to the welfare of its people.
As the international Yoga Day celebration approached, he anticipated a positive impact on tourism and livelihoods in the region.
Modi said that the bustling markets of Kashmir and nightlife in the iconic Lal Chowk area fill every Indian’s heart with joy.
Talking about the developments that have taken place in Kashmir in the last 10 years, the Prime Minister said the world is witness to the recent changes in the Valley.
“The world continues to praise the people of the valley for their hospitality during the G20 Summit. Holding of a global event like the G20 Summit in the valley has made the people of Kashmir proud,” Modi said.
Prime Minister Modi recalled the sports car show held on the banks of Dal Lake in March this year, saying the whole world watched it.
“That programme stands as a testimony to the progress in the valley,” he said.
“Seeing children continue to play at Lal Chowk till late in the evening fills every Indian’s heart with joy. Similarly, the bustling markets of the valley light up everyone’s face,” Modi said.
Modi said tourist arrivals and records that have been broken in this sector have become the talk of the town.
“Tomorrow’s International Yoga Day programme will attract even more tourists here,” he added.
Quoting Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, the PM said the figure of over two crore tourists visiting the Valley is record-breaking and contributes significantly to the local economy.
He said while money was being granted to J&K by earlier Governments as well, his Government has ensured accountability. “Today, every penny is being used for your development,” he said.
Modi reiterated his Government’s unwavering commitment to promoting peace, prosperity, and inclusivity in J&K, signalling a new era of progress for the region.
Recalling his recent visit to Italy for the G7 Summit, the PM highlighted the impact of continuity of the Government for three terms as it has changed the outlook of the world towards India. He also said that all time high aspirations of Indians are the nation’s biggest strength.
Modi said that this high aspiration leads to high expectations from the Government and in this backdrop, the third continuous term of the Government is special as the only parameter of an aspirational society is performance. “People have faith in the intentions and policies of the Government,” he added.
The PM said the big message of people’s mandate in this Lok Sabha elections is that of stability. He recalled the long phase of unstable Governments in the last decade of the last century when the country witnessed 5 elections in 10 years resulting in development coming to a standstill.
“Leaving that phase behind, India has now entered a new phase of stable Government leading to strengthening of democracy,” he added.
In the meantime, Srinagar is under unprecedented security measures as the PM is staying in the town. The top security officials are closely monitoring and overseeing the security arrangements.
The Director General of Police (DGP), and senior officials are actively supervising all security protocols.

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The road leading to the SKICC, Raj Bhawan is heavily guarded, with visible security personnel, roadblocks, and surveillance in place to manage potential threats.
Senior officials are patrolling to ensure flawless execution of the security plan, highlighting coordinated efforts between the security agencies.
Tomorrow morning at around 6:30 am, Prime Minister Modi is slated to lead the 10th International Day of Yoga event at SKICC in Srinagar.
“The Prime Minister will address the gathering and participate in the CYP Yoga session thereafter,” officials said.
Approximately 8000 participants are expected to join PM Modi for yoga sessions along the banks of Dal Lake.
Participants have undergone three days of training in preparation for the yoga ‘Asanas’ to be performed alongside the Prime Minister.