Ascertaining facts and fixing responsibility

It was coveted for quite long a period that there should be an institutionalised system of ascertaining facts and fixing responsibility in Jammu and Kashmir State and a start seems to have been given a green signal thanks to the Governor’s administration. It may be recalled that since 2015-16 , more than 100 persons have been engaged in the SICOP and SIDCO by the previous Managing Directors without adopting any transparent procedure but under alibi of executing some schemes and projects for which there was insufficient manpower in these Corporations.
How could politicians not have their meddling and say in the matter when several persons were engaged on consolidated , regular, contractual , casual and adhoc basis while many were provided temporary employment directly by those who remained on the posts of Managing Directors of these Corporations since 2015-16. SICOP otherwise is having its ranking among the most corruption ridden corporations being under the constant radar of the Anti Corruption Bureau and not only these highly recommended tagged blue boys appointed in these corporations were earning high salaries but their visits (read reporting for duties) were few and far between.
The earnings of SICOP are either at breakeven point or very meagre to justify engaging a vast force of personnel and having other input costs while SIDCO was incurring heavy losses of over Rs. 4 to 5 crores annually not justifying to be “in business” from the economic viability angle. To tap it all, suspected bungling in recruitment has made these corporations vulnerable to be ordered a thorogh probe into only to ascertain facts and fix responsibility for all wrong doings. We shall be closely monitoring the developments.