Articles 35-A

For the last few months, we have been reading a lot in the papers,  viewing videos on phones, watching flashes on T.V. and also  coming across   various other  means of displaying anger, arguments, threats,  warnings and many other such  events through  avoidable  protests  about the  continuation,  discontinuation  of  ARTICLE – 35 A ,  leaving on our minds,  a feeling  that how helplessness are,  some personalities of our Great Country,  and how trickily , they are behaving before the masses, to  force their point of interest  , by twisting the facts of history  /  taking the shelter of different  geographical / political / religious / cultural and other traditional  impacts on three  regions of our State , without realizing that the present day’s human beings, who are quite aware of the constitutional  technicality of the issue, can’t be unnecessarily  dragged along with their selfish   wind, which is of course  a very unfortunate exhibition of theirs.
I  personally feel  and expect from all  law abiding citizens of our country  to be with me  in saying that the individual interests or the momentary emotions , do not have any recognition before the law and thus ,  such activities can’t influence the country’s highest court, which is yet to deliver its judgement on the referred subject. Also,  it will be a great blunder to misguide our innocent  people , which our certain demoralized  politicians / different regional groups / self centered individuals are doing,  on such sensitive issue or by having any doubt in the presentation of the case before The Honourable Supreme Court  or  about the delivery of the final judgement.  Let the law do its privileged  duty  and we very peacefully  wait and watch rather than unnecessarily  creating  Hatred and the panic in the minds of our countrymen for such  legally protected  constitutionally covered case,  which otherwise,  can’t be settled by twists , tricks or experimental tests.
J M Behl
Sainik Colony