Art helps us to express ourselves

Shivani Koul Bhat
Creativity is inventing, experimenting,growing yourself and finally giving others a way to smile may be literary work, music, painting and many more.
A simple idea can give you a stress free life .An artist gets a way to share his or her souls with the world. Art washes of all the dust from our day to day life. I know we may say” Hey, I don’t get time for expressing myself “. But dear ones, just close your eyes and think about the Artist in you.I am pretty sure even half an hour a week would be enough that you will be creating beautiful things though they may be not perfect but honest things that would speak who you are and who you will be called to be.
I as an Artist an motivated by the people around me and absorbed by paintings and craft works. And the support of and love of people around me has been a strength. I love using my brush and paint to creatively capture the artistic world around me. I love making Abstract Art works, creating a story from colours of nature and love to express feelings of inner self from the colours around us. Regarding craft work,I started with the aim to create a new era of craft and cultivate a culture in kids specially who have become prone to automated world and have paused their own creativity. I had been painting and doing craft from my childhood and trying to contribute my bit in the world of creativity. It is a beautiful feeling the way colours potray our life in different situations of life and, trust me, my Art has taken me out from the difficult situations of my life many times. Playing with vibrant colours gives a different aura of energy around you, you see a positive space for yourself and the people around you. The meaning of emerging artist has become a broader term now, as I get to know people from different walks of life,meet people during my exhibitions or day to day life. People are so much creative around us but are just unable to give themselves a chance of living a life they are worth.I believe that when you just take a scrap in your hands many ideas strike you, you start thinking the best out of it. That is the moment you start believing yourself and a new hope of this self belief becomes your strength. I sell my Art and Craft works and feel so happy when my Art work gets your beautiful spaces. Colours just beautify the world around you. During this course of time, I came across a young generation of painters who beautifully express the world around them through the colours. Pankaj Raina from Baramulla presently Chandigarh,Vivinesh from Mattan presently Jagti, Shivli Pandita from Anantnag presently Jammu give their brushes a way to express their love for colours because one feels so happy that despite of the busy schedules of today’s hectic lives people are there who believe in Art. We spend our childhood being taught the artificial skill of passing exams. Then by the time we get into work industry,we have been conditioned to conform .We spend our days in meetings, talking about thinking out of the box but ourselves never step outside that box. I am pretty sure next time I write an Article the number would have increased. We need to appreciate the Artist in us and in others also. Just a word of appreciation makes the world beautiful for an Artist. Art helps us to express ourselves and explore the world with our creative ideas.Artistic and creative opportunities to children and youth gets them out of the depressing phases and self loathing giving them back their peace of mind. I wish to create an Art and craft drive to let our kids come and share their love for colours. Children have become less expressive emotionally, less energetic, less verbally expressive,less imaginative and less passionate and lively. Aspects of creativity have declined and we thrust so much pressure that it is difficult for them to expand a particular idea in an interesting and novel way. There is a race in young generation that taking out time for expression of ideas is lost.Even our old generation has lost the way of creativity. Depression is so common in this genre.I just request my elders to take some time and again and begin the chapter of creating magic with your hands, a magic that was lost years ago.I promise that would give them a new hope to live a healthy life ahead.
I remember my aunty used to create beautiful crochet works.A few days before I asked her”Why don’t you recreate the magic of crochet”. And answer was quite common “Ab waqt kaha hain, age bhi nahi hain.” I know that is the truth of getting older. But cant we spare just 15 minutes a day for our passion. Believe me things would turn better because when people around you see that you respect and love your passion,they will fall in love with the same and with same enthusiasm. Just do a self introspection and see what you can do. Start doing what you love and things would be so easy for you to live with.This quote would fit the best here:
Creativity gives rise to sanity out of madness,
To the valuable out of the priceless,
To the abundance out of nothingness,
To the original out of familiar
And to the hope out of despair”
-Wallace Huey