Art 370

Our State is once again passing through the process of assembly polls and various political parties are pursuing multi dimensional electoral agenda such as equitable development of three regions coupled with apathetic discrimination of state government towards Jammu and Ladakh on various counts as a sequel to Kashmir Centric politics. Simultaneously the issue of abrogation of  article 370 is also in sharp focus. The Kashmir centric politicians of NC, PDP and Congress are maintaining the hackneyed stance on article 370 unleashing desperate protests against any attempt to extinguish its existence from the constitution. This is a natural corollary to their closed mindset.
There are four major players in the game i.e. BJP, Congress, NC and PDP. BJP under Modi has become more vibrant and dynamic. He has liberated the party from parochial thinking on matters of national interest and therefore modified the perception on article 370 and urged to open it for national debate for its merits and demerits as to whether it has benefited the state and the nation in its entirety or it has propelled the state into a dreaded whirlpool of isolation, alienation and estrangement with the motherland. Further whether it has become a breeding ground for the separatists.
In view of this it is need of the hour to refrain from misleading the public through emotional blackmail by igniting their selfish and fissiparous tendencies. Let there be an open discussion on the relevance of article 370 and jettisoning the article 370 may give a fillip to national integration and usher in an era of peace and prosperity in the state.
Yours etc…
P.C Sharma
Trikuta Nagar,


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