Army’s Northern Command awaiting critical medical appointment for six months now

New Delhi, Dec 1: Amid an ongoing pandemic and military standoff on borders, the Indian Army’s Northern Command, which looks after the highly sensitive borders with Pakistan and China, has been without the head for its medical branch for over six months now.
The Major General (Medical) of any Army Command is a crucial appointment as he is in charge of coordinating all medical requirements for personnel and dealing with medical emergencies like the evacuation of soldiers from the far-flung areas.
“The post of the Major General Medical has been lying vacant for the last six months now. An officer was posted here last month but his joining has also been delayed for two months now due to last-minute changes,” sources in the northern command said.
Sources said the Army has been sending proposals for posting of officers for the appointment but it is yet to be done.
The sources said the Command hospital in Udhampur has also been headless for the last two months now as the commandant moved from there to the Army Research and Referral Hospital in the national capital.
The management of the medical branch of the armed forces is managed by the Adjutant General’s branch of the Indian Army but it is under the overall control of the Defence Ministry.
The medical branch of armed forces is headed by the Director-General Armed Forces Medical Services who is the senior-most medical officers of military doctors.
The Armed Forces Medical Services is one of the few military organisations which has not yet been put under the direct control of the Department of Military Affairs headed by the Chief of Defence Staff. (AGENCIES)