Army in full readiness

Indian army is in full readiness and at the beck and call of the nation to respond to any challenge to India’s security and integrity, asserted the Army Chief in his annual press conference. The conference has come off at a sensitive time when only the last week attack of Pakistan-based terrorists on Pathankot air base took place. The Army Chief assured the nation that the Army is there ready to discharge any duty assigned to it in regard to protecting the interests of the nation.  General Suhag refused to be drawn into any discussion or controversy over the remarks of the Defence Minister who had said that the enemy will have to taste the pain that it is trying to inflict on us.
Indian army is one of the finest and most disciplined armies of the world. This is not only what we say but whenever the columns of Indian Army were called upon to perform any duty anywhere in the world through the aegis of the United Nations it has a glorious record to its credit. For more than two decades and half, the Indian army has been fighting a proxy war unleashed by Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir. Having failed to grab Kashmir in three wars, Pakistani army and intelligence hawks in combination with various jihadi terrorist organizations, which they have created or taken under their wing, has now taken recourse to proxy war. The benefits of proxy war are more than one for Pakistan army. In the proxy war the casualties are of suicide bombers and jihadis and not of regular personnel of Pakistani Army. It gives the Pakistan army and the Government the benefit of deniability and the space to cry hoarse that they too are victims of terrorists notwithstanding the fact that terrorists are their own creation. The Taliban in Afghanistan, the LeT, HM and JeM etc. are all creation of Pakistani army because the army in Pakistan is a state within a state and it wants its civilians to die for a cause that ensures the privileges of the men in olive green.
Keeping this in mind, we have to understand that this army and its intelligence chapter are capable of doing anything at any place at any time. Therefore, our army cannot lower its guard even for a single minute. When we say that our army is capable of meeting any challenge from our adversary, we do not rule out the ability of the army to retaliate to any inimical adventure if circumstances demand so. To strike or not to strike is not the decision of the army but that of the elected Government. However, how, where and when to strike is the job of the army and the General was referring to that part of the narrative. He said in modern times security environment had become complex and dynamic. It is more so in the South Asia region. It is pertinent to remind that in his State of the Union address two days back, President Obama said that instability would continue for decades in many parts of the world including Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is not just a figment of imagination but a harsh reality with which we in India have become very familiar because we are facing the proxy war for last two decades and half. There was a time long back when our leaders rebuffed the Generals who were asking for modernization of the army and equipping it with latest weapon. The then leadership had asked the Generals wherefrom did they perceive threat to India. We would not want our leaders to be trapped in illusions like that. The threat to our security and territorial integrity is much more than we may imagine. The threat is from many quarters and it has many dimensions. Do not underestimate cyber threat which is the creation of technological revolution in modern times. The General said that under pressure from the world community Pakistan had reduced its 42 terrorist training camps in PoK to 17. Nevertheless, these camps were pro-active in conducting proxy war and in promoting infiltration across the LoC. Our army is fully aware of what is brewing in PoK. Asked if Indian army was capable of pincer attack on these camps so as to destroy them once for all, the General rightly said that Indian army had capability to undertake any action if it is aimed at protecting the interest of the country.