Arms licences in J&K

Looking to the vast size of the state of Uttar Pradesh, if it was having thirteen lakh people possessing arms licences to carry weapons and therefore, ranks as number one in India, one could not be surprised though eye brows can be raised for ‘why so much’ but a state comparatively small in size like Jammu and Kashmir having nearly four lakh people having arms licences and ranking as number two in the country, it is a matter of concern. Is there no moratorium on how many licences were genuinely required and how many required to be cancelled?
Besides, the menace of illegal trafficking of arms was posing a danger and the need was enactment of a stringent law to deal with issuing of licences, need for such licences, number of weapons allowed to each person and identifying of “prohibited” arms. Now those engaged in illegal trade of arms were slated to be severely punished even serving jail term for their entire life on conviction. The Union Home Ministry, it is believed, is all poised to propose a new stringent law to be enacted which is a step in right direction though being taken belatedly.