Ardab Mutiyaran – Sonam Steals Show

Mehak Dua
As the name says, Ardab Mutiyaran is a Punjabi
film about stubborn girls, that revolves around
two powerful women characters played by
Sonam Bajwa as Babbu Bains and Mehreen
Pirzada as Shruti Chadda who in their respective
work places as well homes stand by principles
of equality and believe in dignity of labour
besides teach how to run family affairs while
keeping the cultural ethos alive. Their
stubbornness while brings in a behavioural
twist in their families in the film it also enables
audiences to draw lessons on morality and
self-confidence amongst women folk.
Directed by Manav Shah and produced under White Hill Studios the movie was released in 2019 end but its repeated telecast on Punjabi channel Pitara, I believe has made it most watched Punjabi movie of 2019-2020 on television. Completely packed with humour, social messages, beautiful songs, locations, good plot and of course impressive dialogue deliveries of each and every individual make this film a perfect piece of art. Sonam’s dialogue delivery in typical Amritsari style leaves audience not only laughing but impressed to take home the point that girls need to be confident.
“Gal Sun Ni, Classa Honiye Tere, Haade Aithe Hondiya Ne Jamata, O Vi Fatti Poch Ke” (Listen girl, u must be having classes there. We have Jamata here and that too by making slates) by Sonam Bajwa is one such dialogue that audience carry home as a punch line. Depicted as a typical Jatti,the storyline revolves around Babbu Bains played by an amazing artist Sonam Bajwa who fights for her and other’s rights in her own and unique style. The plot goes on to describe two separate families one that of a Baniya and another dominated with superstitious thoughts where two daughter-in-laws enter to set things right.
Jatti Babu Bains working with Vicky Ahuja (played by Ninja) as a loan recovery agent at Chaddha Finance not only helps him in his work but also makes him realise power of love. She is shown standing by Vicky in adversaries and even in confronting Shruti, daughter of his boss. The love-hate relationship of Vicky and Shruti turns tables in former’s house where his mother has been shown dominating the home affairs but after the arrival of daughter-in-law, Shruti she mends her ways.
Similarly, Babu Bains falls for Rinku Bansal, whose house too is dominated by his sister-in-laws. After many twists and turns displayed amid humour, Rinku ties knot with Babbu only to start second half of movie with an epic saga of power play wherein Jatti Bains makes her sister-in-laws realise that it’s love and respect that bonds extended family and not the dominance of one over another.
The director and story writer have done justice with each character by making artists perform to the best satisfaction of viewers. Characters played by B. N. Sharma as Ahuja, Upasana Singh as Sudesh, Sudesh Lehri as Bittu Bansal, Rajeev Mehra as Sunil Bansal, Navneet Nishan as Darshana Chadda, Inderpal Singh as Chadda Financer, Chesta Bhagat as Saroj Bansal and Myra Singh as Mona Bansal go so well with the story line that one can understand how professionally the role of miser, orthodox, money minded and miser brothers have been played by these versatile actors.
Though Sonam Bajwa stole the entire show yet other actors too did justice with their characters. The scenes of deal of a contract marriage, a saint called Baba Ji and his preaching, recovery styles of Babu Bains, how Babu and Shruti make their in-laws understand power of love and respect and how story unfolds makes cine-goers stay glued to seats is worth a watch. Money minded Chaddha and Bansals too have been depicted aptly and their homes and work places besides their chats depicting their skin flint behaviours make audience laugh their heart out.
Amazing compositions with beautiful lyrics and melodious voices by different artists including Sidhu Moosewala force views to murmur songs in their minds. “Challa” by Gur Sidhu & Harpi Gill, “Tere Bin” by Ninja and “Thar Jatti Di “Baani by Sandhu are very good songs that keep playing in mind off and on. Ardab Mutiyaran if dubbed in other languages can make a larger impact on audience. However, Punjabi channel Pitaara is doing justice to this film by telecasting it repeatedly especially during lockdown period of pandemics when the world is fighting COVID-19.