Appointment on compassionate grounds

Since the Union Home Ministry has recently brought into the process of implementation of modified guidelines in respect of appointment on compassionate grounds of the closest family member of a deceased employee who passed away during his /her service , we expect the same shall govern the procedure currently in vogue in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir and also remove doubts all about the SRO 43 in this respect. Whatever amends or relaxations as also modified procedures are introduced for this purpose, the implementation process should be to eliminate delays , not more than six months in any case, and thus afford to succour the affected families especially in cases with special emphasis related to and as a result of terrorist violence in Jammu and Kashmir. Modified policy of MHA for compassionate appointment of next of kin of a deceased employee who dies in harness , therefore, must pave way for more transparency and objectivity in such cases which at the moment are pending for disposal in the UT.