Appoint Chancellor of Universities

Kind attention of the concerned authorities of Union Territory of J&K and Central Government is sought to the issue of non appointment of Chancellor of Universities in J&K as a result of which all the nine Universities of the UT of J&K have been rendered headless since 31st Oct, 2019 thereby adversely impacting the normal functioning of these premier higher education institutes of the erstwhile state. The process of appointment of Chancellor should have been completed on priority by the UT administration as the policy matters, including promotions, academics, research besides other major decisions are taken by the University council under the Chairmanship of Chancellor. After the formation of J&K Union Territory, more seriousness and urgency was warranted from the concerned authorities on this issue of appointment of Chancellor of Universities of J&K. Hope appropriate steps shall be taken by the UT adminstration and Central Government so as to address the issue immediately as further delay in the appointment of Chancellor of these Universities may create severe difficulties in the transaction of normal business in such institutes. It is also requested to our MP from Udhampur Dr. Jitendra Singh ji who is also MoS PMO to personally look into the matter so that this issue of appointment of Chancellor in the Universities of J&K is processed speedily by the concerned authorities. The people of Jammu & Kashmir have fully supported the Central Govt in the abrogation of Article 370 from J&K but such inordinate delay in these important appointments is surely going to cause resentment in J&K residents.