App that can save from thunderstorms

Dr. Lobzang Stanzen/Preeti Choudhary
With the arrival of monsoon, the faces of the farmers blossom. Greenery starts appearing in the fields. Farmers are engaged in farming wholeheartedly. Sometimes in a jiffy everything changes. In the incidents of thunderstorms, the support of many families is lost. In such a situation, a little caution can save a life. This disaster can be avoided by downloading the Damini app from mobile. Only a small number of farmers are aware about this. In the incidents of lightning, farmers along with animals also lose their lives. The Damini app was developed by the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) Pune a few years back. You can download it from Google Play Store on Android phone.
Working Principle of App On opening the app, a circle showing the map of the location where the person is located comes. It gives a thunderstorm warning in the next 30-40 minutes with a diameter of 20 kms. The app also explains how to be safe and give first aid tips. While working in the field, on the go, around the house, if there is a lightning warning, information on how to protect is provided with pictures. Damini app gives accurate information about the possibility of lightning, thunderstorm, thunder etc. ahead of time. For this, scientists of tropical meteorology have established a lightning location network with about 48 sensors across the country. Based on this network, the Damini app has been developed, which gives information about the possible location of lightning within a radius of 40 kms. According to reports, this network gives accurate predictions of lightning. Along with the thunder of lightning, it also tells the speed of thunder.
Do’s and Don’t during thunderstorm
A lot of information has been given below in this app. It has been told how to save in case of lightning. In addition to safety measures, first aid information is also given. The incident of lightning is fatal for humans and cattle. It cannot be stopped, but it can be avoided. Awareness about the situation of lightning is very important. This is predicted through the Damini app and in such a situation, people have enough time to go to a safe place. That is, by being alert, the loss of life and property can be avoided in time.
How to Download
It is very easy to download Damini app in mobile. Android mobile users can download it from Google Play Store and iPhone users can download it from Apple Store. After downloading it has to be registered in it. For this you have to enter your name, location etc. After giving this information, this Damini app starts working. Gives you an audio message and SMS alert of lightning within 40 kms of your location.
What to do when you get a warning?
Damini app will warn you in advance if there is a lightning strike in your area. In such a situation, do not stop at all around open fields, under trees, hilly areas, rocks to avoid lightning. Avoid washing metal utensils and avoid bathing at all. Avoid rain and do not stand where water accumulates on the ground. Never use an umbrella. Stay away from electrical high-tension wires and towers. Go inside the house. If you are out somewhere and it is not possible to go home, then sit on your knees in an open place with your ears closed. Go home when the danger is over.
(The author is SMS Agrometeorology KVK Reasi, SKUAST-Jammu)