Apostle of peace

If the rationale for ‘on arrival visa’ for Buddhists is that they are visiting the land where Buddha was born, then the rule should apply to  Buddhists from any country in the world not only from South East Asia. This goodwill gesture of MEA is appreciable. However, make sure it is not infringement of international rules governing issuance of visa. India needs to do much more besides the three stated Circuits to win goodwill of Buddhists world over. Foremost step is giving back famous Buddhists sites their original and historical names so closely associated with the life and history of Buddha and Buddhism like Gaya as Bodhgaya, Varanasi as Sarnath, Piparva as Kapilvastu, Patna as Vaishali etc. Buddhist University, Buddhist Museum and Archives, International Buddhist Co-Terminus and Bi-Annual International Buddhist Conferences are other highly useful and enduring ideas to be translated into practice just to tell the world that India has been the home of the first apostle of peace on earth.


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