Anubhav Sinha launching horror franchise with “Warning”

NEW DELHI, June 26:
After directing Shah Rukh Khan in “Ra.One”, Anubhav Sinha is all set to make his comeback as a producer with a horror franchise called “Warning”.
The 47-year-old filmmaker says he has been inspired by several horror franchises from all over the world and has bought remake right for the first in the series.
“I am creating a horror franchise and worldwide there have been several such franchises from which I have been inspired. For the first in the series, I have already bought remake rights.
“I plan to create a brand in the form of ‘Warning’ and starting this year, I aim to release one ‘Warning’ every year,” Anubhav told.
But Anubhav is not looking to rope in stars for this franchise and would be going with what the script demands in terms of acting talent.
“These decisions are taken not by me but the film itself. You choose the film and then the film chooses everyone else; a film decides everything on its own. When you watch a film like ‘Warning’, you would realise that it can’t be made with stars.
“Even though I have started work on the second episode of ‘Warning’, I am not even considering roping in any stars even if the first one turns out to be a massive success. I am not lured by that,” he said.
“Sudhir bhai’s film would require a known face. Though it would have 10-12 really important characters, the script demands that one of them is a known face. It is going to be a beautiful ensemble and there has been a collective call taken between Sudhir and me to rope in a star here,” said Anubhav.
Having directed the big-budgeted “Ra.One”, Anubhav is now producing films with offbeat set ups like Sudhir’s next, Madhuri Dixit starrer ‘Gulab Gang’ and the horror flick ‘Warning’.
“Sudhir and my relationship dates back 20 years. He is like my elder brother. He is not making an offbeat film at all. Do you call his ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’ as offbeat? Not that our next would have any similarity to that but I am commenting on his sensibilities here.” (PTI)


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