Another target killing

Relatives carry the body of Deepu, a circus worker who was shot dead by terrorists in Anantnag district on Monday, for the last rites, in Udhampur district, on Tuesday.

Another target killing, this time 27-year-old Deepu Kumar, was shot dead by terrorists sponsored by Pakistan. He was the sole breadwinner for his family, which included his pregnant wife, blind elder brother, and ailing father. They live in a remote village called Thial in the Majalta tehsil of Udhampur district. Deepu had been in Kashmir, moving from place to place with his circus.
No doubt Pakistan is totally rattled by the mega success of the G20 meetings in Kashmir and is consistently looking for an opportunity to strike through terrorists. Security and intelligence agencies have to be consistently alert to gather accurate and timely information about potential threats or individuals involved in extremist activities. Insufficient security measures, such as a lack of proper surveillance, checkpoints, or patrols, create vulnerabilities and opportunities for attackers to carry out such targeted killings.
The situation in the valley and the reasons behind the targeting of minority communities are complex and multifaceted. The vast majority of people in the valley strive for peace, harmony, and coexistence. Regardless of the reasons behind the incident, the loss of another innocent life is devastating, and no amount of compensation can truly fill the void or alleviate the family’s loss. Considering the circumstances of the victim and the hardships faced by the family, it is crucial for the administration to promptly fulfil their promises of assistance and provide immediate support to help the family sustain itself. This should include not only financial aid but also job opportunities to ensure their long-term well-being. The administration must prioritise the welfare of the affected family and take concrete steps to alleviate their suffering during this difficult time.
Addressing security lapses requires a multi-faceted approach, including strengthening intelligence gathering and sharing, improving security infrastructure and protocols, enhancing law enforcement capabilities, and providing adequate protection for vulnerable communities. Collaboration between security agencies, community engagement, and effective implementation of preventive measures are vital to minimising security lapses and ensuring the safety of all individuals.