Another facet of corruption

District level administration is deliberately obstructing the Income Tax Department functionaries in conducting their normal duty of unearthing the black money invested under Roshni Scheme. Some years back the State Government floated the Roshni Scheme after making a great fanfare of the same. The Revenue sources then claimed that the scheme would bring crores of rupees to the State Exchequer when rights of ownership of land were transferred formally to those who were in possession of the same. People with money managed to pay and obtain the right to possession under the scheme. The IT sleuths want to know wherefrom did they get the money to invest in Roshni. They suspect it could be black money. After all they have invested huge amounts. Transactions are all right but the question which the Income Tax is asking the State Government is the source of the money invested. The Government has written to the Deputy Commissioners to collect all information about the investing persons and submit it to the IT Department. The DCs of several districts are making one or the other pretext and not responding to the instructions from higher authorities. Only the DCs of three districts, namely Samba, Jammu and Udhampur have submitted the required information and naturally the IT will proceed with it. In respect of other DCs only evasive replies are given.
Evidently, the DCs are not interested to expose the Roshni beneficiaries in their respective districts. This is quite embarrassing a situation and we have not heard so far that the Government itself is in a mood of defiance against its own agencies. Despite clear instructions from the Divisional Commissioners, the DCs have failed to submit full details of the people who have had the largesse of Roshni scheme. The IT authorities are feeling compelled to take up the matter with higher authorities. This is a sordid affair of administration in our State. What will happen to good administration when the DCs play ducks and drakes in abiding by the instructions of the higher authorities namely the Divisional Commissioners.


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