Another BJP activist killed

That during the last few days only, there should be three targeted attacks on BJP workers in the valley should not only be a cause of concern for the security set up but for those nationalist forces who eagerly want a political process to be started in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir. A BJP worker Abdul Hamid Najar was fired upon in Budgam recently and within a few hours succumbed to his injuries. This attack comes on the heels of gruesome but a cowardice oriented attack on and killing of two brothers and their father having connections with the ruling BJP Party. Prior to that attack, a Congress Sarpanch was killed in the valley.
The administration is well advised to have such rabid attacks stopped rather pre-empted to further break the backbone of the residual strength of the militants and their outfits in the valley. Another positive thing depicting open rebellion against these brainwashed, misled and indoctrinated ‘militants’ is that more and more people are joining the national mainstream political parties in the valley and that is OK but what is needed is providing full security cover to active political activists so that they involve more and more people in positive and constructive political activities. The UT administration, the leadership of the targeted party workers and other concerned need to take necessary steps to protect and encourage mainstream political workers. Put in all the required resources to frustrate, fail, humble and nab such senseless killers of innocents.