Anila’s emotional poetry

O P Sharma

Name of the Book : Waqt Ki Ungaleo Ke Nishan
(a collection of Hindi poetry)
Author : Anila Singh Charak
Publication : National Publishing House Darya Ganj, New Delhi
Pages : 166
Price : 450

The Hindi poetry book entitled “Waqt Ki Ungaliyeo Ke Nishan” (The Imprints of Time) containing 166 poems composed in Hindi by noted writer and poet, Anila Singh Charak make absorbing and exciting reading. Certainly, the readers would be impressed by the flight of imagination, depth of sentiments and at the same time depiction of the sound realities of life as also the exploration of nature and human emotions.
Anila Charak, who possess a gifted pen, has penned these Hindi poems and has made yet another high mark by her fine poetry in it. Note the finesse of following poetic stanza :
Barisho se ser Bachaya,
Begha ek ak akhbar se
Zindgi bhar kagzo se,
Kagzi rishta raha
(We saved head from rain with watered newspaper. Entire life remain confined to paper which constituted merely a paper relationship.) Lesson is that we make sometimes frivolous effort to save ourselves from our difficulties. But hard realities of life continuously go on.
Memorable Poetry
Sahitya Akademi awardee, Padma Sachdev has written the Introductory Note in this book and expressed appreciation for the quality of literary merit of Anila Singh Charak’s poetic compositions in Hindi. Anila’s expression has earned applaud from her readership.
This 166- page book in Hindi contains some of the poems like : Ek Sawal, Dekho Ek Khwaab, Satya, Purmandol Ki Rait, Dard, Camera aur Zindgi Udassi, Eshaas, Zameen, Zindgi Maa Hoti Hai.
Read another beautiful following stanza which is also full of meaning and message by this Hindi poet :
Zarrori bahut hai sapno ko hakiquat mai badalne ke liya,
Tum apne hatth mai phool nahi shoola rakhna
(Turning dreams into realities is very important for change; one should carry ” fire” in the hands instead of flowers) It is a true lesson of life!
Almost all the poems are meaningful, emotion-packed with portrayal of human aspirations and in praise of the nature and also nationalism.
Notable Role
It may be mentioned that Jammu and Kashmir is non-Hindi speaking State and so Hindi writers and authors have to face some difficulties but they like Anila Charak are quite determined to make their literary contributions and carve out a niche in the Hindi language and its literature. It may be mentioned that she has bagged some notable laurels for her literary contribution.
It is worthwhile to mention that many other Hindi writers are also going on and coming up with their literary works. At the same time Hindi readership too is growing fast in this part of the country.
Admittedly, the cost of printing, paper and production have gone up significantly though still I feel that the price of the book is on the higher side. But still Hindi readers will go by the quality of poetry in this book. The printing of book is very fine and flawless to suit every type of reader. The book should adorn the library for the readers. The language of the book is very simple, sweet and meaningful which would interest all sorts of readership.
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