Of Android phones

Android is going great today. More than a half of world uses android. That’s a great thing. But it’s performance varies from ‘excellent’ in high end phones like HTC One, Samsung S5 and LG G2 to ‘ average ‘ on budget android phones and basic Chinese phones.
Make it run faster
Most of  us find our android phone becoming slow after some time especially if it is budget android phone. You can do following things to make it bit fast
Disable live wallpaper by going to settings
* Go to settings and disable animation effect for menu
Disable unnecessary things which you are in Use like Gps, WiFi and auto sync.
Delete  app cache by going to settings>applications
You can also download applications like cache cleaner, nq mobile booster, etc  to best  performance.
Increase Battery life
It is one area where everyone want more out of its phone. You can follow these tips to increase your battery life
* Turn off mobile data if you are not using
Go to Settings> Data Usage.
Disable Mobile data by toggling the setting from ON to OFF.
* Keep screen brightness to lowest possible or you can probably turn on auto brightness
* Turn off cell phone vibrator if possible,  it’s one of the major battery sucker.
Close the apps running in background, if not in use
* Download apps like Juice defender and other good reputed apps.
* Don’t  download crappy apps that have various advertisements and do not work properly
* Disable App Notifications
Frustated by annoying app notifications that just keep coming? If you don’t know already, these app notifications also drain your phone’s battery. If you want  to turn them off, and you are on Jelly Bean 4.1 and above, here’s how :
Click on any of your unwanted notifications in your notification bar, long press o the notification for a message box to appear.
Tap on App info>Untick Show Notifications>OK
* Disable live wallpaper
* Prefer to hear music on earphones over phones native speakers
* Last but not the least switch off the phone and go sleep, Or buy a basic Nokia phone that doesn’t have features but surely serves it’s purpose of calling.
Check your phone for update
Go to settings>About phone/tablet
Tap on System updates.
Tap check now to look for system updates.
Taking Screen shots on your Android device
* For android 4.0 and above
Press power button and  volume down button for 2 seconds, you’ll probably hear a sound after snapshot is taken.
For android 2.3 and below
These old version do not have screenshot capability by default, you may need to download a app for this. Download this app Screenshot
* For Samsung phones
Press menu button and  power button for 2 seconds, you’ll probably hear a sound.
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