An Overview of Paul Daneshrad, California Real Estate Investor

Paul Daneshrad is the CEO and Founder of StarPoint Properties, a privately owned real estate investment company in Beverly Hills, California. In 1988, Daneshrad graduated from California State University in Northridge, California. His company specializes in acquiring and transforming commercial properties as well as multi-family homes.

Since its founding over a quarter century ago, StarPoint Properties has acquired more than 8,000 apartment units plus over 2 million square feet of commercial properties. The total aggregate value of these properties exceeds a billion dollars.

Today, with over 2800 apartment units still under portfolio, Daneshrad plans to acquire even more in the future, adding not just apartments but also commercial properties in specific landmark locations.

As a long-time entrepreneurPaul Daneshrad takes pride in his strategic plans of acquiring distressed properties and turning them into high profile assets within their communities. These projects, he loves to say, not only refresh and enhance commercially distressed streets and neighborhoods, but provide badly needed jobs for its citizens.

Building up communities has always been a priority close to Daneshrad’s heart. Where some real estate investors choose to tear down buildings or quickly sell them to gain a profit, he prefers to create assets that not only have a strong ROI for investors but which also improve the lives of people who live or work in his properties. That takes a commitment of both money and time, and has been one of the hallmark achievements of his business over the past quarter century.

Daneshrad has always been sought out by investors looking for good returns on their money. But for those investors who also like the idea of creating community assets as well as good returns on investments, he and StarPoint Properties are a match made in heaven.