An ICON of Duggar

Ayodhya Nath Kerni
Shiv Nirmoihi was born in  a middle     class family to mother Asha Devi  and father Pandit Swarn Mal Padha of village Panthal(Distt Reasi). He had the quest      for learning and literary taste right from      his childhood. He actively participated         in the debates, discussions, competitions conducted in the school.
Even some of his poems written during student life became very famous. He was born on April 19, 1937 and joined teaching profession as a primary teacher in J&K Government in 1956. He passed his high school and Prabhakar examinations from Punjab University and later on completed MA and B Ed in J&K. He faced various hardships bravely during his childhood.
He is recipient of many awards and honours. He was conferred with Best Teacher award 1972, got  Bal Sahitya award on his book Kashmir Kee Kahani 1980, best book award Duggar ki lok gathayen 1982, Duggar Ka Lok Sahitya 1988, Kishtwar Sanskriti aur Lok Paramparaen 2013. He has also received National awards from Central Hindi Directorate on Duggar Ki Sanskriti 1990, Paddar lok aur sanskriti. Besides these awards,  Prof Nirmohi was bestowed with honours by many organizations.
He always loved to face all kinds of odds and eventualities for the pleasure of society. He worked whole heartedly on culture and heritage of Duggar region as most of his books were allotted the title starting with word “Duggar” e.g. Duggar Ke Dev Sthan, Duggar ka bhashaim parichay, Duggar ke amar senani, Duggar ke lok devtas etc. He also worked immensely on the history of Duggar region . His book Duggar ka itihas ranks among the main history books. Mostly being used as reference book with regards to the history of Duggar region by the history students. His works speak a lot about folk lore, eccentric characters, legends, fairy tales, fantasy and realism, adventure and allegory. He has attempted to explore the archaeology of Duggar in his books – Duggar Ke Mandir, Duggar Ke Rajmahal etc. He has  written about the religion and philosophy of Duggar- Duggar men Budhmat, Duggar ke Darvesh, Swami Nityanand etc are the best specimen of the works on Duggar philosophy. His Duggar Ki Nadian explain and reveal his potentials on the Geography of the region with particular stress on the rivers flowing through entire region. Duggar ke Padhey and Duggar Ki Jatiyan are his contributions for anthropology. There are more than thirty  published books to  his credit. Some more are under publication and some books are under the revision process of manuscript which are likely to come up soon.
His research papers more than hundred in numbers have found place in leading magazines like Sheeraza Dogri, Sheeraza Hindi, Hamara Sahitya, Sara sahitya, Kashmir Times  etc. His books have not only enriched Hindi literature but also Dogri .  He has written two books  on his autobiography in Dogri. He had the pleasure to remain as a member of Advisory Committee in Dogri Sahity Academy Delhi.
He has participated in many radio discussions in Radio Kashmir Jammu. His documentaries have also been telecast by Doordarshan. Serial Akash Ganga authored by him is very popular among the Jammuites. The popularity of  the serial can be gauged by the heavy demand of recasting the same on Doordarshan.
He remained sincere towards his profession throughout his service career from  primary teacher to University classes. Even after his retirement on April 30, 1995 he was assigned with some prestigious appointments – Principal in Shivalik college, expert in Dogri subject UPSC, member of advisory committee KV Udhampur etc..
He is a  person having comprehensive  storage of words, phrases, careful use of figures of speech at his command. He feels contended to make way for the younger generation in the field of skills, learning and transmission of culture. He is the guiding spirit to the young writers, poets and over all to the society. Whosoever seeks his guidance his doors remain open  for all. May he live long so that he may contribute more to the society.