An Earnest Appeal

The humanity at large still feels deeply distressed and struggling hard to get rid of the COVID 19 pandemic whose fatal impact is burgeoning in various countries , consuming precious human lives everyday . Lockdowns may have checked its pace of spread but is not the permanent panacea of the fatal ailment. When whole world is seriously engrossed with the menace and testing various modes and methods of its eradication , in my humble opinion we must also apply spiritual antidote to this disease as well . Remember , majority community of the world believes in the existence of God , notwithstanding , with what name they address Him.
We religiously believe that this whole world is being run by a super natural force who is God, the most powerful, omnipresent , the omniscient. It’s time to sincerely return to Him and prostrate before Him with all humility at our command. Seek His blessings and pray to Him to forgive our sins which have warranted such a severe wrath of Him .
Let everyone of us invoke this strongest remedy in the best possible way as enjoined in our respective religions, and wait for the results. His greatest attribute is that He is most merciful, most benevolent as well. Its my sanguine hope that He will not render us hopeless and come to our rescue.
I also appeal to the heads of the nations, including my own Hon’ble PM to impress upon the people of the country to pray earnestly to God Almighty for saving the humanity from the brutal and fatal impact of pandemic. While our PM has suggested many methods to countrymen to invoke to save themselves from disease, I humbly suggest him to appeal the people to sincerely apply spiritual mode also for the well being of humanity at large and the country men.
“Koii tou hai joo nizam-e- hasti,chala rha hai, wahi khuda hai”
Khurshid Ahmed Bismel
Muslim Educational Trust
Thanna Mandi.