An anthology of 50 poems

Rajeshwar Singh Raju
Book Name : Nishabd Cheekh Ke Shikhar Par
Author : Satish Vimal
Pages : 102
Cost : Rs 250
Publisher: Aakriti Prakashan F-29,
Sadatpur Extension, Delhi-110090
About Author
Satish Vimal is a prolific Hindi, Kashmiri and Urdu writer. Whether its poetry, short stories, research papers, critique or translations he has made colossal contributions in all these languages which are critically acclaimed. His works have been translated in many languages. He has more than 21 books to his credit that include 03 collections of poetry in Hindi, 02 collections of poetry in Kashmiri and quite a good number of translation works also. From time to time he has been honored and awarded for his literary contributions by premier organizations like Sahitya Akademi, Central Hindi Directorate, Ministry of I & B, Govt. of India for literary Journalism and literary contribution, J & K Academy of Art, Culture & Languages, Governor of J & K and numerous Literary Organizations of the country. He is quite modest, abundant with knowledge, eminent Broadcaster and as a convincing orator has been a source of inspiration for many.
About Book
Whenever a new collection of poetry hits the stands, there is always a curiosity among the poetry lovers. We do find books published and released quite often but only a few of them mark their presence in literary arena. Although In national language Hindi, it becomes even tougher to sustain as a prolific writer but If the poet is Satish Vimal then expectations are always very high. It’s noteworthy that every time the expectations of literature lovers are fulfilled as he comes with a collection that becomes talk of literary circles for class poetry for which he has carved a niche for himself.
With his new collection ‘NISHABD CHEEKH KE SHIKHAR PAR’, he has once again proved that why he is reckoned among the leading Hindi poets and wins critical appreciation from the stalwarts of literature.
‘NISHABD CHEEKH KE SHIKHAR PAR’, a collection of 50 Hindi poems confirms that the versatile poet has versatile poetry to offer. Right from the title of book to the last line it carries something special thus creating a magic for which poetry stands for in real terms.
The book contains poetry on varied subjects which are duly defined through the suitable titles like NISHABD Cheekh Ke Shikhar Par, Kitaab Se Utar Kar, Adhure Ki Pratiksha, Aao Dekhen, Deepak Aur Krishan Vivar, Sophist Aur Sukrtat, Kachra, Royde Royde Ko, Shabadkosh, Budh Ke Gyarahan Sawal, Raja Aur Praja, Elaan, Man Mar Jaega, Chitar Aur Khushabuen, Koshkaar, Soch Aur Safar, Darad Ka Rishta, Doosre Kinare Par, Khud Se Alag Hua, Dastaken, Pravah, Darne Wale Log, Hindle, Goonge Ka Gud, Hare Hue Ka Itihaas, Daleelen, Hum Apne Jeevan Ke Uppar Sote Hain, Eek Phool Sadev Se Khila Hua, Vrat, Bhikshu, Dod, Begum Akhtar Ke Nam 1 To 5, Sawbhav, Safar, Jo Keh Na Sake, Usne Jo Keh Diya, Samrat Suleman Aur Madhumakhian, Mahigeer, Ukhdi Hui Sanskriti, Heera Aur Kamal Ka Phool, Adharmi, Gulivar Aur Padhe Likhe Log, Abhi Janma Nahin Hai Aadmi, Beech Mein Soya Hua Aadmi, Sach & Rishta.
The book carries a letter from the eminent litterateur Dr. Narender Mohan wherein he rightly uses renowned American novelist Richard Russo’s words “If I am not better, at least I am different”. After going through this collection, it will be perfect to add here that he is in fact different from others and offers his unique poetry not to amuse us only but there is an input of such thoughts that provoke the readers to have microscopic view of life and surroundings. He has philosophical touch to his poetry that propagates Sufism as well as modernism. The roots, he always explores for his innovative writing have all the elements whether Spiritualism, Realism, Nature, Hardships of Life and Beauty of Life too. It’s all thought provoking process which he creates with his writing that one who enters the world of words, knitted beautifully and depicting thoughts amazingly enjoys the journey with a feel that one’s presence in this world should have a worth. Each poem blended with diverse thoughts has different dimensions and it depends upon the reader to which direction he leads himself, being escorted by the beautiful words depicting different moods of time.
Jayanta Mahapatra, a prominent poet has observed the same feel while enjoying the enchanting journey through Satish Vimal’s poetry. He says, “While travelling through the poetry of Satish Vimal , it becomes confirmed that the era of this poet is not only limited to PRESENT, but had been in PAST and will be in FUTURE too. This versatile poet talks in whispers so that the echoes of the meanings descend inside and get established there in the form of eternal rhythm.”
I don’t think there are more appropriate words rather than these to describe a poet in Satish Vimal, who hails from our own region and loves to take all on a journey of culture, traditions while exploring the terrains of Lalded & Nund Rishi through his words that do create the supernatural feel and keep the readers spellbound with modern poetry as well.
The title of the book is symbolic and catchy one and the contents therein are so pure and pious that the readers should read it, absorb it and place it in their bookshelf to re- read it to enjoy a thought provoking and fine poetry. Another feature that gives it unique presentation is symbolic sketches. Satish Vimal has dedicated this collection of poetry to Jalal Sahib.
Let me conclude with a few lines from one of his poems ‘Begum Akhtar Ke Naam-2’ from the book;
” Aalaap ki goonj thi
Aur ek shahar
Apne jeevit hone ka
Praman de raha tha…”