All About iPhone SE

Earlier this week Apple, announced      a brand-new iPhone. The heavens didn’t part, pop bands didn’t play,  and people aren’t camping out at Apple Stores to buy the thing. It was     a subdued launch, for a smaller,      mid-cycle phone that looks exactly like a phone from 2013(iPhone 5s).
iPhone SE is priced at Rs 39,000. Yes, the iPhone SE is a smaller phone, but it’s not a weak phone. It’s actually a much-improved, well-designed, small phone with great battery life. It’s not the answer for people who have adjusted to larger phones. For people who like a small phone — and by the way, there’s nothing wrong with liking small phones — or for people who have been holding onto their 4s or 5s phones, the iPhone SE will feel like a great little upgrade.
The SE looks exactly like the iPhone 5s. I’ve been carrying both phones around for comparative purposes for the past few days, and I’ve grabbed the old phone by mistake on multiple occasions. The only physical difference is that the iPhone SE  has one more color option i.e pink, (or, as Apple calls it, rose gold). The SE also comes in silver, space gray, and gold.
It has the same aluminum body as the iPhone 5s, the same four-inch Retina display, even the same placement of round volume buttons on the side. The edges are chamfered, a departure from the round edges of the iPhone 6s or a return to earlier iPhone designs, depending on how you look at it. The only differences, aesthetically-speaking, between the iPhone 5s and the iPhone SE are the above mentioned colors, the matte edges, and the fact that the shiny Apple logo on the back of the phone is color-matched stainless steel.
It even feels exactly like a 5s. While I can’t say I’d go back to a four-inch phone at this point, I did like the build of the 5s back when I had one. The back is smooth and satisfying, as though the phone just shaved. It weighs just four ounces but feels fairly durable, due in part to its hard edges and the fact that it’s just slightly thicker than the newer iPhone 6s.
But the most important thing to know about the iPhone SE is how fast it is. Something about the pure speed of a phone in such a small body is just inherently impressive. Small, inexpensive phones used to mean compromise. The SE, as I heard one person refer to it, is a little pocket rocket. It’s corny, but it’s true.
The old iPhone 5s had Apple’s A7 chip and one gigabyte of RAM. The new iPhone SE has Apple’s A9 chip, and a reported two gigabytes of RAM. It also supports modern WiFi standards, and faster LTE. It opens apps, loads web pages, and switches tasks quickly. Let’s ignore specs for a second and put it this way: the only real hindrance to multitasking on the iPhone SE is its size, not its speed. Like Yantragyan on Facebook for more. It ships with the latest version of  iOS, 9.3. This includes new features like Night Shift, which gives screen a yellowish tint for night time usage of phone. To me, the most notable thing is that the new software still feels usable on a four-inch phone. Yeah, it feels a little cramped because we’re  used to a larger screen now,. Here, the main constraint is that you just have to do a lot more scrolling.
Battery Backup
This more efficient processor and new software also affects battery life, in a good way. Even though they’re the exact same size, the iPhone SE can get up to 50 percent better battery life than the iPhone 5s. It really takes a few weeks to get to know a new smartphone’s battery, but so far, the iPhone SE has lasted well beyond a full work day for me.Like Yantragyan on Facebook for more. I’d even say it’s performing better than my iPhone 6s; by 5:30PM yesterday, a full 12 hours after I started using it, my iPhone SE still had 44 percent battery left. That was after checking email, taking phone calls, scrolling through social feeds, watching a YouTube video, briefly running Maps, and using the phone intermittently as a personal hotspot, all with the display brightness set to around 50 percent.
The new camera technology in the iPhone SE will also be a draw for people who are considering an upgrade from a 4s or 5s. The iPhone SE has the same 12-megapixel rear-camera technology as the iPhone 6s, plus it focuses and snaps photos more quickly than an older iPhone.
iPhone SE is a small phone without compromising too much. For people who want a smaller or less expensive iPhone, the iPhone SE is just perfect iPhone.