Alibi of enquiries to save guilty officials

We have been, of and on, lamenting about the efficacy and the importance of instituting enquiries not sincerely to get facts and figures about an irregularity, scam, fraud, corrupt practices etc indulged in by some corrupt officials in some department or office but to keep things lingering on with intent to give a “safe and even dignified” passage to the guilty (suspected) officials. In the instant case, we refer to illegally causing Kahchari (Government or public) land to be sold as also allowing constructions on those pieces of land in Pampore, Kashmir.
It is not that the Housing and Urban Development Department is not fully knowing about it right from the moment such deals were finalised to the moment they were highlighted and not also that usual enquiries were not ordered but the fact is that the accused officials continue to remain untouched and unpunished. Past two years are witness to instituting of one after the other enquiry but only for cosmetic purposes which indirectly could mean connivance at the higher level. State Vigilance Commission is perhaps treated in this state as not required and any recommendation or directive from it usually is not responded to positively. The same has happened in the instant case too where dealings in crores of Rupees are reported to have taken place in causing clandestinely Kahcharai land to be sold. Revenue Department and Municipal Committee Pampore too are otherwise in the docks and need to explain the position. In the meantime, the accused employees should be immediately placed under suspension and cases registered against them.