Alarm in Zanskar

Zanskar is a far flung area of Kargil district. It has recently come into news for a geological change that could become threatening.  A landslide has blocked the flowing water of river Phuktal which has created an artificial lake in Zanskar. This has blocked the path that takes one to Zanskar. The threat is that in summer the snow on the mountains will begin to melt and the waters of Phuktal will increase and that will also increase the volume of the water which has formed a lake right now. There is the danger of adjoining areas getting submerged and the connectivity with Zanskar getting blocked. In response to the urgent messages from the State Government and the Kargil Autonomous Hill Council, the Union Cabinet Secretary has constituted a committee which will visit the spot and report on the conditions and suggest how the danger can be averted. We would like to exhort the committee to conduct its survey as early as possible and in all probability before the snow begins to melt.