Akshita Mengi’s song ‘Noor’ to release today

Cover picture of Noor.
Cover picture of Noor.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, May 31: Daughter of the soil and Bangalore-based singer-songwriter Akshita Mengi, in collaboration with Songdew, would release her song “Noor” tomorrow.
The acoustic Indie pop song is a poignant expression of mourning the loss of a loved one, as melancholic melodies emerge with layers of guitars, bass, and harps.
According to Akshita Mengi, the journey of “Noor” is deeply personal.
She explains, “Unfortunately, loss is an inevitable part of everyone’s life. In December 2022, I lost my dog and struggled to come to terms with his passing. That’s when I decided to channel my agonizing pain into a song, and ‘Noor’ came to life. The song explores how we desperately search for those we have lost to time but repeatedly fail.”
Akshita Mengi, who falls into the category of top-voted artists for the month of April 2023, has performed numerous concerts in different cities. Her latest single, “Noor,” is a heartfelt ballad that delves into the theme of love and loss.
The song features an elegant guitar solo that bridges the gap between the feelings of “hopelessness” in the first half and the “act of surrender” in the second half.
It is accompanied by a multitude of vocal harmonies that reflect the inner voices of frustration, confusion, and sadness experienced when a loved one passes away.
“I believe in sharing my vulnerability through music by writing about my personal life experiences. It is the only way a musician can navigate through life,” said Akshita.
Akshita Mengi draws inspiration from fellow Indie artists and bands such as Anuv Jain, When Chai Met Toast, Prateek Kuhad, and Anumita Nadesan, among others, as evident in her songs.
Her previous works, including “House of Cards,” “Missing Piece,” and “Runaway,” have been featured in various international music lists and national-level shows.