Akshaya Patra: PM Modi serves food to underprivileged children in Vrindavan

VRINDAVAN: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Monday served meal to a group of underprivileged schoolchildren in Vrindavan and praised the efforts of an NGO towards eradicating hunger from the country.

The event was organised to mark the serving of the 3rd billionth meal by the Akshaya Patra Foundation.

Modi arrived at the venue in a special chopper at 12 noon and was greeted with loud cheers as he walked on to the stage.

“Donation given to deserving people without thinking is ‘satvik daan’ (pure charity), Akshaya Patra is doing ‘satvik daan’,” he said.

“First thali through this NGO was served by former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and “I feel fortunate to serve the third billionth thali today,” Modi said.

From serving just 1,500 children in the beginning to over 17 lakh now, the NGO is helping in the growth of the country.

After his nearly 30-minute address, he served food to the schoolchildren from Vrindavan in a special pavilion made for the purpose, behind the main pavilion.