Airtel to increase price offerings beginning December

CHENNAI: Private telecom provider Bharti Aritel  tonight announced that it will ‘appropriately’ increase its price offerings from the month beginning December.

In a statement here, it said ”we understand that TRAI is likely to initiate a consultation for bringing rationality in pricing in the Indian mobile sector which has been operating at prices that  have been eroding the viability of the sector.”

Airtel, as one of the leading players, has been at the forefront of driving digital services and made India one of the leading data consuming nations in the world.

”The telecom sector is highly capital intensive with fast changing technology cycles that require continued investments”, it said.

Observing that it was extremely important that the industry remains  viable to support the vision of Digital India, it said ”accordingly, Airtel will appropriately increase price offerings in the month beginning December.” (AGENCIES)