Air travel has turned into a necessity like mobile phone: PM

PRAYAGRAJ: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that air travel has turned into a necessity and not a luxury like mobile phone.

“My dream that a person wearing a hawai chappal travel by air has been fulfilled as the aviation industry in the country is the fastest growing sector of the world. Air travel has become a necessity like mobile phone and it is not a luxury,” he said.

Inaugurating the newly constructed airport terminal at Bamrauli here on Sunday before leaving for New Delhi, PM said that India is fast on the aviation sector. “Can anyone believe that in the past one year more people travelled by air than air-conditioned coaches of Indian railways, which is a record of sort,” he disclosed.

The PM also said that when after independence there were just 400 to 450 aircraft purchased in the country but in the past one year over 1000 new aircraft’s were purchased or booked. “The new aviation revolution in the country has boosted investment opportunity besides it has turned the country into a global tourist destination,” he added. (AGENCIES)