Air pollution turning lethal

Water is of not good quality , food is suspect of its purity and no- adulteration, there is less of calmness and quiet and more of noise in the atmosphere and as if these travails were any less, air pollution is now turning to be showing signs of lethality all due to the human factor, of violating the nature and disturbing the equations. Energy sector is considered as the biggest factor responsible for nearly 73 per cent of the pollution in simpler parlance.
We have seen panic and an air of emergency many a time in cities like Delhi and NCR, and other polluted cities of the country , when school going children abstaining from attending schools had to remain indoors or wearing masks to inhale . Even adults were seen setting for work wearing masks. Slight improvement in the atmosphere makes us complacent and perhaps carefree as to what was there in store for us in the coming years. It must astonish and stun everybody to learn that nearly one lakh children under the age of 5 are getting killed silently every year due to the horrors of the air pollution in our country. Delhi is stated to be the most polluted city in the world. There are hundreds of cities in our country which are polluted and we inhale bad air.
A study released recently reveals that 12.5 per cent of all deaths in India could be attributed to the increasing air pollution. Who is bothered about the bad air and how to fight it if we have to live and live healthy is a question which perhaps with less of conventional methods and more of drastic ones only, could be possible to fight. We must look into how much sacrifices in terms of comforts and materialistic life could we make in this regard , if not today voluntarily , tomorrow only under compulsion.
By switching over to bicycles for short distances , battery driven cars, pooling community buses , preferring walking short distances, prohibiting stubble and crop residue burning in fields, impounding vehicles emitting more smoke , population control and of course, growing trees as a national mission could to a larger extent address this problem.