Air India, Italy’s ITA resume flights to Israel amid conflict

JERUSALEM, Mar 4: Flag carriers Air India and Italia Trasporto Aereo (ITA) on Sunday resumed their flights to Israel after they were suspended in October last year following the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas conflict.


The Indian airline partially resumed its flights on the route between the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi and Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv. Until the conflict, the route included six weekly round-trip flights.

The Italian airline resumed its operations in Israel with three weekly flights between Fiumicino airport in Rome and Tel Aviv.

ITA said in a statement that the restart of flights between Tel Aviv and Rome was possible thanks to cooperation with Italian and Israeli authorities, adding that “it is strategically important for ITA Airways as it strengthens the commercial, social and cultural relations between the two markets.”

Three other flagship airlines, British Airways, Spain’s Iberia, and Dutch airline KLM recently announced that they will resume their flights to Israel on April 1. (UNI)