Air connectivity to Ladakh


J ust sitting in comforts of homes, passengers in Ladakh can book air tickets on-line for availing of helicopter facilities in respect of air services provided by the Indian Air Force. It is another step taken to make arrangements for air travel easy for travelling public by the Ladakh administration regarding approved areas but far flung ones in Ladakh from Leh to various destinations. The added facility particularly is for the first time in respect of AN-32 Kargil Courier service and will cater to passengers from far-flung area of Ladakh on approved routes from Leh-Lingshed, Dibling, Drass, Padum, Kargil, Nubra, Nerak, Jammu, Srinagar. Looking to the spike in infections in UT Ladakh due to COVID -19 virus which restricts mobility between crowded points, on-line facility shall not only take care of that but provide relief from associated hassles in harsh winter for getting tickets as hitherto. Since most of the roads remain cut off from rest of the country and moving from one valley to the other and between far flung areas , air service and mode of availing the same having been made possible, difficulties in respect of freezing temperature on travelling to Ladakh shall be no more be experienced. Ladakh being a tourist destination as well in its own stead and right, air connectivity shall lend more strength to tourism also.