Air connectivity Scheme

Air connectivity scheme sponsored by the Union Government has not reached all areas and vast population of Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, and as on date, they continue to remain out of the ambit of the benefits of the regional air connectivity and arranging air travel for the general masses with ease and with affordability.
Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) -UDAN is a commercial mechanism and the interested airlines after assessing the market potential on identified routes submit their proposals for operating their services in un-serviced routes. To compensate partially for the operations with intent to make the air travel affordable by the people and to encourage operations , incentives from central and State Governments as also from airport operators are extended to the airlines. However, after completion of due formalities and inking of agreements, some routes had to be cancelled since the designated airlines did not proceed further for reasons better known to them. This has resulted in the disappointment of many people residing in such areas like Kargil district in Ladakh which remains cut off from rest of the country during winter season. In the same way, other routes connecting inter-se Jammu Kargil , Chandigarh, Srinagar, Thoise etc too had to be cancelled as the designated airlines did not honour the agreement thus depriving vast sections of the people from the facility of air connectivity which otherwise they were in dire need of. While more facilities in terms of extension of runway of Jammu airport and other measures to strengthen the infrastructure are underway, a relook into the issue is imperative so that the routes cancelled are made operative.