Of late we have heard of gender bias and racial discrimination but the regional discrimination leading to regional imbalance and slow process of progress and development often times have revisited Jammu province and belied aspirations and inflated hopes. There is not speck of doubt when Jammuites have not shown patience and wanted amicable settlements for the sake of Nation and the State. It was heartening news when on 28.02.2015 Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister in his budgetary speech declared establishment of All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Jammu and Kashmir. Finance Ministry went one step ahead and clarified that the prime Institution will be established in Jammu itself.  This was a soul ravishing message for the people of Jammu. Expressing their surcharged emotions people came on streets and exploded crackers and beat drums. It was thanks giving relief for us all. Chief Minister while taking oath on 1.3.2015 released the agenda for alliance which said the valley would get AIIMS while Jammu province will get IIT and IIM. A statement that gorged out the reality behind the alliance agenda.  People of Jammu irrespective of caste, creed and colour huddled up with solemn pledge to secure the premier Institution come what may. We the people of Jammu do not fear the test of flame and to get weaned away Justice, AIIMS Co-ordination Committee an amalgamation of religious social, political, business and civil society under the aegis of president Bar Association, have come to the front and unabated chain of strike is resorted to reach to the logical end.
The promises made with high degree certainty by Dy. Chief Minister, Dr. Nirmal Singh have fallen like pack of cards and as of now there seems to be no prospects to redeem the promise. This is nothing but a bagful of “Betrayals”.
Be it known that we are not fighting against any political agenda, personal rivalry or nurse anti provincial grudge. Neither we express our anguish for the establishment of AIIMS in the Valley. What we are fighting for is a cause noble in character that has been weaned away from us. There is no ill-will except to announce the AIIMS in Jammu concomitantly with the valley. BJP should not forget the impressive victory in Jammu provided by us all for securing progress and development. It does not augur well often times to resort to maxim “Heads I win Tails you lose”.
Yours etc…..
Bushan Malmohi
Ajit Colony.


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