AIBCU for making OBC Board meaningful

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Aug 13: In a meeting of the “All India Backward Classes Union”  (AIBCU) held under the chairmanship of its president Abdul Majid Malik after threadbare discussion said that there was no difference in the attitude of  previous Congress-NC coalition and present dispensation towards the people belonging to other Backward Classes in the State.
The meeting said the previous NC – Congress Govt. kept the State OBCs deprived of their Constitutional rights granted under Mandal report and the State OBCs have suffered a lot in the past 24 years. BJP promised but after coming to power maintained a stoic silence over the issue.
It said no BJP Central leader or State leader has made any statement over this due share which reflects that BJP has totally backed out from its  promise. The State OBC who are about 60% of the State population whole heartedly supported BJP-PDP but both have ignored them.
BJP in is trying its level best  to have OBC Advisory and  Development Board in its fold for the appointment of its vice-chairman. Previous N.C-Congress Govt. set up this Board; convened only two meaningless meetings in five years stint under the chairmanship and Vice Chairmanship of Ex. CM Omar Abdullah and  Kuldeep Raj Verma respectably against crores of expenditure as salaries and official expenditure without any benefit to the State OBCs for whom this Board was setup.
When BJP has no social justice agenda in its policy, this OBC Board shall only be for the lucrative benefits to an individual in person who would prove the best Subordinate of BJP. State OBCs have already informed the State Govt. that this Board should be made meaningful if it wants to              re-activate by associating 27% due reservation with it.  Otherwise this useless Board is not required.


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