Agni V

Beijing was cut to quick when it heard of Indian’s ICBM Agni V making a successful launch with a capacity of striking at a target anywhere between 5000 and 7000 kilometers. The successful launch has made space for India in the elite five-member club that possesses ICBMs. Chinese Foreign Ministry’s statement that India should not overestimate its power is a cynical expression of expansionist mentality. Agni V is essentially a deterrent, and India needed the deterrent in face of the nuclear arsenal of China to target Indian cities. India in good faith kept quiet on China annexing Tibet illegally. And now China has turned Tibet into a nuclear base with its ICBMs placed on Tibetan soil and targeting Indian cities. India needs to contain her adversarial neighbours be it China or Pakistan or any other country. They will have to recognize that India is an Asian giant whose existence as the influencing factor in regional politics has to be acknowledged. When India offered China a hand of friendship, it stabbed her in the back. How can India remain complacent about her security concerns? We need to do more to assure the nation that we are prepared to defend our freedom and political system at any cost.


About Padgaonkar Committee Report
This refers to the news item ”Padgaonkar Panel rejects
Autonomy, self rule, azadi” DE Apr 13. Recommandations made by the Padgaonkar Committee prima facie are people friendly for all the three regions of the State including that which is occupied by Pakistan. The Kashmir centric political parties including some factions of the Hurriyat, on the one hand expect the state to become a full fledged beneficiary of the gains of Indian democracy in all the fields of human activity and on the other hand they by ignoring the aspirations of people of Jammu and Ladakh regions, want the center to surrender some constitutional and Center-State relations controls. Members of the Padgaonkar Committee must have gathered the evidence suggesting that even with the powers being enjoyed currently by J&K or a special category state, without attaining more of powers by projecting autonomy or self rule, have drifted the people of Jammu & Ladakh regions far away who feel that if armed with the powers the Kashmir centric parties are struggling for the people of Jammu and Ladakh regions can no more be retained as a part of the political entity called the state of Jammu and Kashmir especially when the delimitation issue is not addressed early. Constitutional Committee proposed by the Padgaonkar Committee, in all probabilities, may ignite many issues concerning Center, State relations vast inter regional imbalances in the State, and if at all some report is prepared by the said constitutional committee, the same may not be acceptable to the people who matter in the State politics. Politicians, leaders, Government, constitutions and other such institutions speak for welfare of the people of all faiths and of all sections of society and this precisely, prima facie, appears to be the approach of the Padgaonkar Committee. The Central Govt will again get exposed in implementing the recommendations of this Committee also.
Yours etc….
S K Rekhi
825- A Gandhi Nagar

Work on Jammu-Poonch rail link
Refer news item ‘Early commencement of work on Jammu – Poonch Rail Link demanded’ DE April 16. To keep pace with the rest of the country, the Jammu-Kalakote-Rajouri-Poonch railway line has much importance. The twin districts of Rajouri and Poonch have not witnessed much development since country’s independence.
These two districts have been bearing the brunt of Indo-Pak hostility. As a result, people are educationally and financially backward. The road network, communication network, health care, almost all spheres of life are in a State of sorry affairs. Despite being scenic, the tourism potential of the area has remained unexplored.
The Railway link will not only promote tourism industry in the State, it will also help defence forces to save time and move men and machinery well in time.
Therefore, it becomes necessary that work on the Railway line be started at the earliest and completed well in time.
Yours etc…
Nisar Ahmed Lone