Advice to the Young

Ravinder Kumar Dhankhar

Hello Puddu, this is my gift. Yes, this letter that you are reading. Through this I am going to brief the things that will matter to you if not now, surely in the days/years to come. It’s based upon whatever tiny experience I have of school life as teacher and exposure to life situations:
The life you have got is beautiful, enjoy it. Make friends, visit newer places and for the sake of the Earth be wild in frolics and enjoyment, without hurting the sentiments of others. Love this life with energy, smiling at others even though sometime people deem you passionately mad. So memory really matters. Now at ten, you can remember people place and occasions well. Mark my words.
While looking for career options, always listen to your parents. There can be no better well wishers than these grey haired people. You may be emotional in terms of your career because of peer pressure, emotional towards a particular profession but your parents always keep in mind how your bread and butter will be catered to once you are in twenties. They know that you are good at writing, reading, and tracking and so on… but these things initially may not feed you. Their suggestions will be–first get a secure job then adhere to your passion. This is logical indeed.
Never despise social mores, traditional practices and cultural values since we live in a society and emotions are attached with these. We have inherited these from our forefathers so due regards and honour to them.
Beware! Amazon and others have entered into Indian Territory, not the river but online marketing websites selling gizmos, i-pads, and mobile and what not at huge discount. Don’t fell prey to these sometime non sense stuff when it comes in the way of learning and becomes time consuming affairs. Don’t get addicted to Smartphone and other gadgets. It’s of no use when one wastes precious time on punching the keys and playing games on such devices when this time may be best utilized somewhere else positively.
Respect your elders and always love your younger. One more thing, try to bring smile on their faces to get blessing and good wishes. While playing with them, don’t compete but let them win deliberately. I have seen it has a different charm and enjoyment. While looking at children in school bus, always wave your hands with smile. It means a lot to them.
Never engage yourself in a fight. It does never serve the purpose. Exercise other options and try to reconcile even in the most hostile situations. Be the coolest person you know. Apply your brain before brawn. Yes…good.
See, life is full of ups and downs. Be habitual of accepting how the life comes to you. Acclimatization in very important to what the situations you are in. You are an intelligent girl. Mind it and enjoy it in every situation with respect to elders.
Dears, develop a good understanding with your teachers and a special regards for your vidyalaya. In schools, harmonious development matters. Games, CCA, NCC, Scout and Guide, Gardening, PT, TV Show in group etc have a role to play for that development. So enjoy your stay in a school. You can have better meal at your home but not such environment even after paying million bucks.
Spend the money you have wisely, since this money is hard earned by your parents. Spending the money on fast-food, ‘chips’, ‘kurkure’, etc will displease your parents but if spent on fruits or books, they will be pleased, for sure. Be wise and financial literate. This is the richest habit you will develop from this age.
Reading is a must for an unbeaten life that too while using table and chair with spine straight. Love good and classical books. If your pocket money allows purchase some of the finest and well recommended books. These will serve you better than your best friend. Always keep Oxford Advance learner (latest Editions) on your bed side. This is the key instrument of learning. Further have a look on daily happenings through newspapers while taking help of dictionary to enrich your current affair and vocabulary.
Lean to say ‘NO’. This is one of the biggest traits you will imbibe at this stage. The thing that is illegal, improper, and unacceptable to parents and does not serve purpose in true spirit should invite your denial even though you have to face wrath of your parents, teachers or friends for time being. Trust me, if you learn this, you will be independent in thoughts, actions and well in commitment too for good.
Develop patience. In the years to come you will have everything that you crave for i.e car, mobile, bike, expensive watch and branded jeans etc. Study hard to make this happen, becoming capable to earn that much money to pay for your desired items. That you will do, for sure. Developing patience is important.
Never quit. Remember quitter never wins and winner never quits. But, never take chance with your life, it’s really beautiful. Pull chain, never alight from running bus/train, even though it means going to next station and coming back.
Now you know how to sew the button; learn something more, better than before, new skills, new games, and new language. Never feel ashamed of learning anything new. Age doesn’t matter in learning. Newer learning is delightful, insightful and important tool for your cognitive development.
Sorry, too much preaching I know. Just last. Not to forget to pay respect to people in uniforms. Onus is on them for our survival with peace of mind. Wave your hands at them with smile whenever you see them. You know, I have experienced the pain that they have while leaving their home.
Hope, this gift is a unique one. Preserve this keepsake. It will help you to enjoy your life meaningfully for good. The above are the time tested advice, if you follow, will make you a better human being and better girl at large. Yes, re-read it after every six month, till you memorize all above points.
(The author is Principal JNV Doda)