Admission in Polytechnics

For quite some time, Technical Education Department had plunged into somewhat of a dormancy and was in need of a thorough revamping exercise. Key reforms , modifications and innovative decisions were all needed to give this department a push to play its role in imparting technical education to students. The same appears to have now been done right from changing the name of the Department which will now be known as Directorate of Skill Development . The very nomenclature signifies broader role of this department, the decision to this effect was recently taken by the Administrative Council (AC) which met under the chairmanship of the Lieutenant Governor . The need of the hour is to create a solid base of skilled manpower which has assured employment opportunities, mainly in self employment form as well as good demand in the market.
It is therefore incumbent upon the Government to bring about changes in courses taught or trainings imparted in tune with evolving market scenario. In addition to this, the admission process to the Polytechnics too has been revamped. The process therefore has rightly been shifted from Board of Professional Entrance Examination (BOPEE) to Board of Technical Education (BOTE). The academic merit of 10th class shall be the basis of admission dispensing with the process of entrance examination for admission from 2021. With these changes in structure and functioning of Polytechnics, it is hoped that a new era of skilled eco-system and development related to creation of self employment opportunities vis-a-vis Polytechnics shall dawn in Jammu and Kashmir.