Addressing problems of Anti Corruption Bureau

The stand of ‘Excelsior’ stands vindicated by the Governor’s Administration according sanction to the creation of 398 posts of various categories for the Anti Corruption Bureau as recently we had highlighted in our editions dated January 6 and 9 the need to strengthen the Organization by providing it with the basic strength of manpower.
It hardly needs any emphasis to admit that the menace of corruption eating into the vitals of the administrative and governance system in the State warranted that the teeth of the Anti Corruption Bureau (previously State Vigilance Organisation) were kept sharp enough to fight out this scourge effectively which needed the requisite number of personnel. It was, however, observed that the Branch SSPs of the organisation were working with far less than the sanctioned strength. The quality of investigations and the professionalism too would now get more focus and what is expected with clarity, is the need to grant full autonomy to the ACB in its working which means no political or other interference or pressures.
It is a matter of satisfaction that the much desired decision has now been taken to provide the basic infrastructure like manpower etc to the organisation so that it could fulfil its very important duties effectively and thus achieve the desired objective behind the Jammu and Kashmir Prevention of Corruption Act . Let the posts creation be in phases like it has been decided but that will surely lay down the rails for smooth running of this Organisation especially the decision about setting up of six new police stations over a period of three years as against just two at present.