Actress Prajakta Dusane talks about the changing digital trend

Social Media has come out to be one of the biggest blessings of technology. Actress Prajakta who started her career with the television show, Dr. Madhumati on Duty may have done only a few acting stints but today she is one of the top Influencer profiles in India. She rose to this platform with sheer dedication and determination. With changing times, social media is advancing and bettering. As an Influencer, she has become a pro in coping with these overnight changes.

Speaking about the changing digital trends, she says, “Social media has become extravagant today. It’s a tree that gives several benefits. When I started off, reels wasn’t in picture, today reels are running the net. We all have adjusted to the changing social media and loving the way it’s doing wonders. I can reach so  many people at a time and influence them for the good. I aspire to inspire women to be themselves and live their lives without any self doubts. That’s my goal. Speaking of the digital network, I am sure How to be an influencer will be a topic to study in some years. The reach is big, so is the avenue.”

“Creators should use this platform in a productive manner to help the society and not spoil it. Content should be made efficiently. And viewers need to stop promoting cringe content and look for actual content,” she urges.

Well, that’s like a good share of knowledge and it will indeed help people out there. Wishing Prajakta, good luck for her journey ahead.