Acid attack

This has reference to the recent acid attack incident in Srinagar in which two unidentified car-borne youth threw acid on 21 year old law students while she was on her way to college in Nowshera locality in Srinagar. It is very shocking that society is witness  to such a degeneration.
It was expected that no such incident would occur after first incident occured some years back. That incident was widely condemned by each section of society. The law too acted swiftly. But it seems that the incident did not leave any permanent impression on society.
That the female folk remains vulnerable to such incidents is quite unfortunate. It is quite dismaying that such incidents continue to occur in our society.
Social scientists, religious preachers and NGOs should deliberate on the issue, and find ways to eradicate such incidents from the society.
Yours etc…
Hemant Kumar


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