Acid attack victims

As human beings, it is our paramount duty to feel not only concerned about the sufferings of victims of the acid attacks carried out by monsters in the shape of humans but we must practically prove ourselves alive to their plight and do whatever is possible to succour them. An acid victim carries the horrors of the attack throughout one’s entire life and wears it on his or her person depicting an agonising feel. The Apex Court of the country has been taking cognisance of their sufferings and has very recently not only questioned as to how acid was available for sale in the open market but asked the Government to prepare a chart to show which of the states followed its guidelines and also those which did not.
The Bench took a strong view that as against notices having been issued to 42 parties including the Central Government including all states and Union Territories, only 13 had filed their responses. On the other hand, it is beyond comprehension as to why is there availability of acid in the market even after the PMO issuing clear cut instructions to the Police Departments of the states for taking strict action against the culprits who sold acid in the market. We must do something more concrete including enhancing the compensation amount to the acid victims and ensure that acid was not sold without strict regulations and control in the market.