ACB arrests Police Sub inspector while accepting bribe in Anantnag

ANANTNAG: Anti Corruption Bureau received a complaint alleging therein thatquarrel took place between complainant and one person who was the resident of village Dupathyar Anantnang. On this the non complainant filed a complaint (applicant therein) against the applicant (complainant herein with respect to ACB) in Police Station Serigufwara District Anantang.
On this issue, complainant was called by the Police Station Serigufwara and was detained for some time. He was released and was directed by the 2nd Officer of the police station to report on next morning.Yesterday the complainant was informed Sub Inspector Gh. Mohammad Bhat, second officer of the said Police Station on phone that few other persons including the complainant are also involved in this case. The second officer of the Police Station also assured the complainant that if he pay Rs. 7000/- then no further proceedings will be taken against him.
On receipt of the complaint, a case FIR No.07 of 2021 under section 7 Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 was registered in Police Station ACB Srinagar and investigation was taken up.
A trap team was constituted. The trap team laid a successful trap and during the process, Sub Inspector Gh. Mohammad Bhat demanded and accepted the bribe through one private person at his instance. The amount of bribe to the tune of Rs. 7000 was also recovered on the spot. The Sub Inspector was arrested and taken in custody by ACB Team.
Further investigation in the case is going on.