Academic arrangement

As per some sources of information, our State Government is going to regularise the teachers, lectures and assistant professors working on academic arrangement since last many years. Though,it is a most welcome step in favour of the concerned teachers,yet it is much against the principles of recruitment and interest of highly qualified and meritorious unemployed youth of our state. The appointments on the academic arrangement are made without following any norms of recruitment by the concerned principal whereunder the local candidates are benefited irrespective of merit and aptitude. Besides, such appointments are made purely on academic arrangement with  categorical remarks that there is no provision for regularisation.Consequently, the higher qualified and meritorious unemployed youth don’t apply for these posts. Naturally, only local candidates with less merit are appointed on academic arrangements which are either deliberately or accidentally let to continue indefinitely which is neither good for unemployed youth nor for our educational system.
It is quite astonishing as what our State Government is going to do at the time when thousands of NET,SLET and holders are readily available and eagerly waiting for teaching jobs, but our State Government is going to fill up the available posts by regularising the irrelevant persons only to create a new vote bank in favour of the ruling parties.  On the one hand we talk of improving the quality of education in India and on the other hand our Government is bent upon the policy for ruining the quality of education in the state.However,a sound criteria and proper procedure should be adopted to adjust the persons working on academic arrangement in the departments other than the department of education. A wrong recruitment policy for teachers will prove quite fatal for the society. It may also call for a big revolt by the deserving unemployed youth of the state.
O P Sharma (AMO Rtd)
Bagnoti, Nowshera.


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