Absenteeism of Health officials

In District Rajouri, as many as 249 Health officials were found absent from their duties in a surprise inspection. The inspection was conducted by a large team comprising District Officers and senior Gazetted Officers in respect of 66 offices and Health Institutions which lasted for nearly two hours across the District.
Against the strength of 952 officials posted in these institutions, only 560 were present while 249 were absent from duty and 68 were on leave. The inspected establishments included three offices, eight SDHs and CCHs, 22 primary Health Centers, one Urban Health Unit and 32 other centers.
While this scenario in Government departments especially health related ones, on the part of employees is unfortunate, at the same time, it speaks about the inept control and disciplinary laxities on the part of the concerned controlling offices and drawing and disbursing authorities and rightly, show cause notices have been served on such officers with weak control and reasons sought for administrative inefficiency from them.
In addition to relevant disciplinary action against unauthorized absenteeism, the maxim of “no work no pay” too should be enforced to make attendance, punctuality and dedication to duty a job culture of service in Government departments. More of such periodic surprise inspections of Government offices in the State shall restore more confidence of the people in the State administration.


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