Abhishek Parakkat, a serial businessman and digital creator who relentlessly explored the uncharted territory

Abhishek Parakkat is one of those enthusiastic and imaginative entrepreneurs who is equipped with great leadership qualities as well as an unbridled zeal to achieve success in every way possible. He possesses an exquisite quality of imagining things around, efficient mapping, and execution of initiatives.

With the ownership of businesses under Parakkat Ventures that are involved in jewellery, nature resort, weddings, software, photography etc, Abhishek has already demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities at a young age. That was not enough for Abhishek and he is a digital creator of amazing content as well. He acclaims huge admiration for his content and the engagement rates are remarkably high.

Involved into writing, reviewing, editing, and updating content for blogs, company websites, and marketing adds feathers to his list of talents.

Abhishek gained early business knowledge from coming from a family of long-established business owners. As a result, he is able to successfully use his extensive business management and operations skills to his business Parakkat Ventures. Talking about his journey, Abhishek said, “I want to achieve all of my dreams so that when I look back at my story I feel proud. Success has no limits and so do I. There is still so much left to gain to make my life journey fulfilling.”

Abhishek Parakkat, who never wants to stop dreaming, has today become a highly well-known and reputable name in serial business with a desire for success and enthusiasm to positively impact society in every manner imaginable.

Instead of settling down with a pre-established business establishment, he decided to add creativity and ideas into his business for himself and followed an unconventional, difficult, and unpredictable road.

To add on to his abilities, Abhishek is a model and fitness freak. His hobbies include bodybuilding, basketball, chess etc. The name and fame of this all-rounder man is everlasting.