Abdullahs, Muftis have done dis-service to State: ASKPC

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Mar 14: The so- called mainstream political parties led by Abdullahs and Muftis have done dis-service to the State for the last 70 years by desecrating the polls and democratically elected Governments, alleged president, All State Kashmiri Pandit Conference (ASKPC), Advocate Ravinder Raina while chairing the meeting of his organisation here, today.
He said it is strange that on one hand politicians like Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba say that Kashmir is a political problem and cannot be resolved through employment, economic or development measures and at the same time they are demanding early polls which is indicative that these politicians are least concerned to bring peace in the Valley. This shows, that their main objective is to enjoy power and form the Government by preaching divisive politics by playing with their emotions and inciting people with religious propaganda for vote bank.
Dr.T.K Bhat, general secretary, ASKPC in his address said these Ex- CMs and ministers want to enjoy the power and at the same time keep separatists politics alive in Valley and use it to blackmail New Delhi for their vested interests as every body knows that their previous Govt’s could not address so called Kashmir Problem through employment, development and economic measures what is urgency for the early polls. It is these political parties who have kept Pakistan alive in Valley by inciting and using people from time to time. The so called main stream parties in Kashmir should refrain from practising semi-separatist political and creating controversy on religious connotations. It is strange that Omar Abdullah is beating the Chest against ban on Jamat -e-Islami when his grand father Sheikh Abdullah as CM could not control the wrath of the people against Jamat-e-Islami in Kashmir in 1979 when Bhuttoo was hanged in Pakistan rather gave free hand to the people against Jamat. At the same time where as failed CM, Mehbooba has political compulsions to support Jamat as her political stability in the Valley is dependent on its support. The PDP also has obtained the Chameleon Character of changing the political strategy from time to time for best interest in the State with the result the people of J&K have suffered at the hands of all political parties.
The others who showed their concern keeping in view the present political scenario in the Valley were Ravi Raina youth president, R.K.Wangnoo, senior vice president ,Veena Gurtoo Women Wing president , Bharat Bushan Gosain ex- general secretary , B.L.Handoo and S.K.Raina.